On Community - A Modern Manifesto

On Community - A Modern Manifesto


What does it feel like to find community for the first time? How do we build community across cultures and geographies? Why does community matter to us, now?

Editor Karen Mok sets out to ask the hard questions about building community through the lens of Sandbox, a global community of creatives, entrepreneurs, journalists, academics, politicians, and influencers in 40 hubs worldwide. It is an essential read for community builders across the globe and a provocative read for anyone curious about the importance of community today.

Contributors: Tia Kansara, Alexandros Pagidas, Daniel Ospina, Fabian Pfortmüller, Manuela Verduci, Charlotte Terrien, Charles Michel, Rachel Katz, Konstantina Zoehrer, Peng Scheerer, Annie Hodges, Scott Shigeoka, Achyutha Sharma, Mark Kaigwa, Gwen Yi, Cesar Torres, Rahaf Harfoush, Alex Barrera, Elaine Truong, Sarah-Marie Hopf, Nettra Pan, Aisha Sheikh, Gillian Rhodes, Sonia Sarkar, Easkey Britton, Ashley Ellis

20% of profits from On Community will be donated to Future First Global.

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